Neighbours From Hell : DCI Miller 2

“True Northern Grit and Humour” 5 STARS

“Brilliant!” 5 STARS

“Another Great Suttie Read” 5 STARS

WARNING, Contains bad language at times, particularly when the poor people are talking.
Includes the very worst swear word a few times as well.
Please do not purchase if offended by swearing. (Or offended by people leaving used teabags on the sink.) Thank you.


The Haughton Park development just outside Manchester is an exclusive new suburb of expensive homes for professional families. When the developer fails to sell half of the properties, the project is thrown into financial chaos.The local council steps in with a workable solution. They propose to use the unsold homes as social housing for homeless families, in return for the much needed cash injection that the developer needs to pay the bills.

It’s a win-win situation. Or is it?

Many of the home-owners are up-in-arms at the proposal. They don’t want the place over-run with ‘scrubbers.’ They start a media campaign to stop the plans. But they are defeated. The homeless families are given temporary accommodation on the swish development.

Mum of four Rachel Birdsworth is one of the new residents, and she’s determined to get past these stupid class differences. She does her very best to get along with everybody and make new friends. It all starts off quite well. But when she realizes that the home-owner across the road is a wife-beating bully, and that his wife is a virtual prisoner in the home, she wants to help. But this kind of help has deadly consequences.

DCI Andrew Miller is back, trying to get to the bottom of what exactly has happened over at Haughton Park in this heart-stopping, dark thriller from One Man Crusade author Steven Suttie.

“Totally gripping”
“Can’t put it down”
“Found myself laughing a lot even though it was a gritty thriller. Fantastic!!”

WARNING, Contains bad language at times. Please do not purchase if offended by swearing. Thank you.

MORE about this book;

The novel is set in Greater Manchester, in the present day, on a fictional exclusive housing development called Haughton Park. Described as a black comedy thriller – the book focuses on the class divides in today’s Great Britain, and in particular, attitudes towards the less privileged in our society, and the media’s relentless campaign of promoting hatred towards the poor. The question behind Neighbours From Hell is; “could the rich and poor live together in peace and harmony?”

You can probably guess the answer.

NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL is described by most readers as a fast paced, funny, exciting story.

NEIGHBOURS FROM HELL is the second DCI Miller book. (DCI Miller 2)

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Author of The Clitheroe Prime Minister, and columnist in Northern Life magazine.

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